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Poly Cinematic

8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesiser

Poly Cinematic is a very powerful 56-oscillator synthesizer that features full 8-voice polyphony in a Eurorack module. It is designed to be simple to use, offering the essential controls you need to quickly get rich pad sounds or crunchy stabs soaked in reverb, without having to scroll through thousands of presets or patch in 50 parameters. It has support for CV control for pitch, gate, filter, and chord selection, and extensive MIDI CC parameters. The chord memory feature allows you to sidestep many of the limitations of polyphony in Eurorack, while the MIDI TRS input offers a way to play the unit like a full-size polyphonic synth. Dynamic microtuning ensures a rich, classic analog sound while its digital implementation provides precision and reliability in a small 12hp format.

Here is a list of main features:

  • 7 oscillator supersaw per voice

  • 3 oscillator detuned wave shaped square/pulse

  • 3 oscillator detuned tonewheel organ

  • 8 chord memory controlled by cv/gate

  • Detune control with unison/5th/sub octave sweet spots

  • 3 filter types: lowpass, notch and highpass

  • Built in high quality 24bit 96khz reverb

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