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Chord Pilot V2 Firmware now available to download

Version 2 firmware includes some great new features:

• User assignable CV input to any control.

• Keyboard input chord editing and creation.

Our first update since the launch, version 2 includes some user requested features and some planned enhancements as well as minor bugfixes and performance tweaks.

If you are new to Chord Pilot we've got some great YouTube videos here to help you get to know the principles of this useful cv to midi chord device. Aimed at those that like to work either keyboardless or without the clutter of stand alone input devices Chord Pilot provides an inspiring source of chord creation without forcing traditional music theory onto the user. Generative music creators will also love this device as the musical (and non-musical) possibilities are endless to explore whether you are making arpeggios, chomping chords or sequencing from cv into an external midi synth, Chord Pilot is there to seed ideas and store the results with 196 chord memories that can be played at the press of s button or with full CV control.

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