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Solar Roof Top Combiner Box: Connecting RV Solar Power

If you’re adding solar to the roof of your RV, there are a number of components to consider. The best way to efficiently combine solar components on your rig’s roof is to use a solar roof top combiner box. This will keep the rooftop connections safe from the elements and performing optimally.

In today’s post, we’re talking about using these boxes for the purpose of combining solar panel wiring with charge controller wiring. We’ll discuss what they are, how they work, and why they’re important to the overall integrity of your RV’s solar system.

What Is a Solar Rooftop Combiner Box?

A solar combiner box is essentially a junction box used to make waterproof connections between the wires coming from your RV’s solar panels and the wires leading to your solar charge controller.

They combine the rooftop solar cables efficiently while also sealing off the roof penetration into the RV, keeping everything water tight.

The solar combiner box on your RV roof is like the electrical junction box in a house except that it’s designed for the type of wiring used in solar/photovoltaic systems. And of course, it’s weatherproof. It houses several wires and cables entering from different ports and joins them tightly to bring the output of several solar strings together.

So the purpose of the combiner box is to combine several solar panels or strings of solar panels into a common bus.

Are All Solar Combiner Boxes the Same?

No. Some solar combiners are simply a box with “glands” (waterproof ports that allow the wires to pass through the walls of the box).

Other combiner boxes include a certain number of busses (connection points) for various sizes of cables, grounding wires, fuses/circuit breakers, and strain reliefs which provide a liquid tight seal for the positive and negative leads.

With some boxes, you can even purchase extra bus bars to combine additional solar (or to add a second system) using the same combiner box.

All of this helps to facilitate connecting the wires efficiently, but not all solar combiner boxes are the same.

In general, you’ll want a box that not only accommodates the wiring of your system but is also strong and waterproof, and offers UV protection so the box doesn’t degrade from sun exposure.

One of the biggest benefits of installing solar panels is that it significantly reduces your impact on the environment. Unlike traditional power sources, such as coal, natural gas, or oil, solar power is completely renewable and creates no harmful greenhouse gases or pollution.

Alongside reducing your carbon emissions, solar panels are also able to help you save money on your energy bills. When you install these panels, you will be reducing how much energy you need to use from the grid and the less energy you require, the lower your bills will be.

Solar power is also a completely reliable energy source. With over 85% of the world’s power coming from non-renewable sources, which are quickly depleting, there is a finite amount of time remaining. However, sunlight will never run out, ensuring you can enjoy an unlimited and completely reliable source of power.

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