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Echo Cinematic

Eq + Delay + Reverb

Inspired by sounds of the dub music culture, Echo Cinematic takes a stereo delay, a premium stereo reverb and adds a resonant filter. Built-in modulation sources include two lfos , a 30 second multiple knob recorder and two instantly assignable CV inputs.

The Eq section features three filter types: a high/low-pass filter, a peak/notch filter, and a classic comb filter. Each of these can be patched into either the feedback loop (Dub Mode), the delay output, or the entire signal path. The delay section offers up to two seconds of delay with a tap delay facility that also applies grid snapping, allowing your delay settings to be constantly locked to your beat or to a clock signal.

Available June '24.



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Echo Cinematic

Eq + Delay + Reverb

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The Mission Statement

Knobula is born from decades in music production and continues a family legacy in electronics manufacturing.

A deeply rooted passion for polyphony, intuitive ease of operation and tactile engagement are at the core of every invention from Knobula. 
No screens, just big-screen sounds


Jamming in a Material World


At Knobula we design and build real-life  polyphonic synthesisers, midi controllers and drum modules for the Eurorack community.

In an increasingly de-materialised world, our compact and powerful electronic musical instruments provide a mindful alternative to using screens, trackpads and plug-ins to make great music. 

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