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Kick Drum and Sidechain

Introducing Kickain

The perfect pairing of a virtual analogue kick drum and side chain compressor. Designed as a single, easy-to-control module, Kickain revolutionizes your kick drum workflow by managing low-frequency artifacts and transients. The result? A cleaner, tighter mastering-standard mix featuring a truly powerful kick drum.

Spectral Compression

Kickain offers two spectral compressor modes that intelligently EQ the mix to fit around the triggered drum sound, adjusting continuously thousands of times a second. This optimizes the kick's loudness without intrusive 'pumping,' ensuring tracks sound tighter and richer in the low end.


A 24-bit stereo drum room simulator, linked to the decay envelope, provides ambient reflections or explosive bass drops.


  • Stereo Spectral Compression

  • Linked Controls between kick, side chain, and reverb

  • 909-inspired virtual analogue signal path

  • 24-bit Stereo Reverb

  • FX Send/Return option

  • 12 hp

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