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Dec 30, 2021
In Poly Cinematic Forum
Loving the module. It's making a lot of things possible. There are a couple of things I'd love to be considered in a future firmware: 1. Bypass the internal envelope. The envelope is great, but modular is about extensibility and I'd really like to have other options sometimes. It would be great to bypass the internal VCA/envelope and have an always open gate which I could then handle in other parts of the rack. I'm a particular big fan of very slow attack envelopes with Tides, for instance, and the poly nature of this module works brilliantly for these slow build pads. Even with the release and sustain fully open it doesn't really hack it for me. For a similar function, the way the Subharmonicon does it with a long press on the EG button to keep the vca open would be an ideal approach. Maybe hold shift and turn the release knob all the way or similar. 2. As a less important companion to this, being able to forward midi gate triggers from the midi in to the trigger would be super useful (assuming that the trigger could act as an out as well as an in). Given that it's unlikely that you'd ever need to send a trigger gate into the module when MIDI is attached, perhaps the trigger port could switch to out when a jack is plugged into MIDI in, and then replicate any triggers out of that port. This would enable those gates to be sent to other destinations in the rack. Anyway, looking forward to the next build and cheers for a great module.


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