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May 13, 2023
In Chord Pilot Forum
I'm just trying to figure out the best way to sequence chords from a MIDI sequencer to play through the CP/PC combo. ...As I understand it, the key of Poly Cinematic controls the key of the chord that is played? So as I sequence different notes through Chord Pilot, it takes the active chord settings, passes these to Poly Cinematic along with the incoming MIDI note and I hear CP's active chord in the key of the input pitch? This seems to be what I'm hearing at least. So far so good. ...But how about changing to a different chord setup at the same time as changing pitch? Logically, to achieve that I want to be sending CV to the Buttons input as that changes Preset/Mode on Chord Pilot. However this also triggers the chord to play which conflicts with the notion of sending in MIDI to modify the pitch and also play the chord. It feels like there ought to be a way to silently change the active chord so that the MIDI note alone can trigger it to play. Is that possible? ...Or is there a different way to sequence both note and chord via using only MIDI? Thanks!


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