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Juan Branaa
Mar 17, 2024
In Pianophonic Forum
Hello! I've been looking for "choir sounds" in Eurorack and there are not many out there.... I saw that Pianophonic has a Vox Humana Wavetable sound, which can sound human-ish. I'm not looking for "robotic" sounds which are done by formant filters, but rather warm "realistic" sounds. I was wondering if somebody here has some recommendations, advice, sound samples or demos? Also, there is just 1 CV input in the Panophonic, for "start point", I wonder how this control can influence the sound? If I assign Vox humana as the sample sound, and another "hammered" sound to the attack, will this CV input add and remove attack? or does it only change the Wavetable Start point? I wish this module would have more CV inputs, which will make it a generative tool and not a performance tool. Here is a suggestion that might be implemented: how about if the CV input could be assigned to any control? Thanks !!

Juan Branaa

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