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Oct 01, 2021
In Poly Cinematic Forum
Hi! Super excited to play around with my Poly Cinematic module. Loving the sound of it so far, but I'm trying to work out setting chords and playing them back with CV. I may just not understand it correctly since this is a new module, so I thought I'd ask! I have a Noise Engineering Vox Digitalis pitch CV sequencer that I would like to use to select the chords in any given pattern. I seem to be able to enter in chords using my keystep pro, just like your using the mod-wheel. But I can't line up what note to use in the pitch sequencer to trigger the 8 chords. Are there set CV thresholds that trigger each of the 8 saved chords? If so, how does that line up with the notes in a pitch sequencer? Is there an interval? in the pitch sequence needs to go up 4 or 5 notes in order to trigger the next saved chord value? I also tried setting each of the 8 saved spots using CV directly from the pitch sequencer, but it doesn't seem to line least when using sequential note/cv values in a row. (Ex: C, D, E, F, etc.) Thanks in advance for your help! I'm guessing I'm probably just not getting how this all works. Jeremy


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