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Lee Shelton
Mar 25, 2024
In Poly Cinematic Forum
Connected via Midi it is pitch perfect to C3 on a C3 keyboard press (keystep Pro and using Mordax Data in tuning mode to see pitch value).Remove midi cable and patch via from exact same track on keystep pro but this time using CV and Gate and C3 on keyboard translates to F#5 (well outside of F#5 too like half way to a G) on Poly Cinematic. I did a factory reset, identical behaviour. Plugged the exact same CV and Gate into 4MS ensemble and perfectly plays C3, patched to MI Braids and perfectly plays C3, patch it to Mother-32 and perfectly plays C3. How on earth do I reset or tune what it sees on the CV input to play the correct pitch like everything else, the v/oct is the same being sent to all other modules but Poly Cinematic just thinks it is something else altogether?

Lee Shelton

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