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Apr 27, 2022
In Poly Cinematic Forum
First of all, thanks Knobula for this awesome module, there's really nothing else quite like it! It's been in my rack ever since receiving it and gets constant use. The recent midi update that added CCs was a neat addition, however I have some ideas for a few improvements. Since I already have a lot of midi in my rig and am short on CVs, tried controlling the filter using the CC message instead of the patch point on the front, however I'm noticing that the midi message behaves absolutely, overriding the hardware knob, unlike the CV input which acts as an offset. It also has a lot of stepping as the values move quickly. Is it possible to allow midi CC for parameters with hardware knobs to work in an offset mode, so that the controls on the box are still usable when automating with midi? Also, any chance of adding some smoothing to the midi parameters to reduce the stepping particularly on the filter? Thanks!


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