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Jan 18, 2022
In Poly Cinematic Forum
I can't seem to update the firmware. I'm following the instructions to the letter. I even installed the WinUSB drive with the Zadig app (and rebooted for good measure). I reset the module, go to that page, select the firmware file, and the 'Program' button always remains greyed out (see photo). [ EDIT: One thing I should add: I click Connect, then I see "DFU in FS mode - Paired." I click 'connect' in that little pop-up window, and there's no indication that it actually connected. I can then re-click the yellow "Connect" button and repeat the same exact thing. ] Windows 10 / Chrome 97.0.4692.71 I disabled all security features of the browser for "" I plugged the USB cable directly into one of the ports on the PC (rather than through a hub) Any suggestions? Thanks!
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