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Mark Kovalsky
Feb 28, 2022
In Poly Cinematic Forum
Hello, I am using an Ground Control to sequence my PolyCinematic. When playing notes and sequences via the included midi cable, everything tracks perfectly across octaves. However, when I try to play the PolyCinematic via the CV and gate output of the Ground Control, the PolyCinematic doesn’t recognize anything under zero volts. I have updated the firmware on both the Ground Control and the PolyCinematic as well as make sure that the CV and gate outputs on the Ground Control are calibrated correctly. If I input a chord, even a single note via midi, that becomes the new zero volt note (ie: middle C at zero volts). I cannot play anything under that. So if middle C is at zero volts, any note I trigger via CV below that just triggers that middle C. I suppose a work around would be to play my lowest note via midi and just sequence above zero volts. *EDIT: It also does not track any notes above 4 volts* Which means its usable CV V/Oct range is 0v-4v Any help would be greatly appreciated. I may just not understand fully how the PolyCinematic works, but I feel like it should recognize V/Oct input from -5 to +5 volts like a typical oscillator would. Thank you for your time, Mark

Mark Kovalsky

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