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Steve Turner
Jul 25, 2022
In Poly Cinematic Forum
I usually use a Vector sequencer with a MIDI TYPE swap cable to get it to talk to the PolyC. I am aware of the Type A and B midi situation and have had this working in the past. I tried to use the PolyC today though and it didn't work via midi. Pressing the trigger button creates a sound, as does the GATE IN jack. MIDI Troubleshooting so far: I have tried all midi outs on the Vector and they're working as expected. I have swapped cables to ensure it is not a cable thing. I have tried multiple type A to B converters I have connected to my Moog Subs37 as a midi keyboard to send midi to the Poly C with and without a MIDI TYPE converter in place. I have followed the factory reset instructions in the PolyC manual. I have reinstalled FW 2.10 I have emailed Knobula but was hoping someone here might have a solution.

Steve Turner

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